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Triumvirate of Terror

By Jake McLean

My assertion in this article—and some other commentators have come to this conclusion as well—is that there’s an emerging Triumvirate of Terror working for the Demofascist Party: Antifa, BLM, and Islamofascists (includes Hamas).  This coalescing of far-left terror groups provides the Demofascist Party with their most powerful terrorist arm since the Ku Klux Klan terrorized the south at their height of power during the Jim Crow era.  These terrorists are the Demofascist Party’s “shock troops” who provide them with massive resources to organize, terrorize, and instill fear in average citizens to advance the their policy prescriptions.  They are commanded by a labyrinthine network of Demofascist-aligned non-governmental organizations and hundreds of millions of dollars of dark money annually.  Not surprisingly, George Soros is one of the major funders of these activities.

Though Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) existed prior to George Floyd’s overdose death (see here, or decide for yourself here) on Memorial Day 2020, they entered everyday America’s consciousness through the mayhem, arson, and death they perpetrated during the summer of 2020.

Similarly, Islamic terrorism entered America’s consciousness on 9/11/2001 with the terrorist attacks that day which killed almost 3,000 Americans (though beyond the scope of this article, Islamic terrorists were at war with America well before 9/11/2001).

Just as Memorial Day 2020 and 9/11/2001 were precipitating events driving these groups to the forefront of American consciousness, the October 7th ruthless and bloody Hamas attacks on innocent Israelis and Americans in Israel appears to be the precipitous event for Americans to see how support for Islamic terrorism has infiltrated our cities, college campuses, and all our levels of government.  This has been accomplished through “a multi-phased plan of operations for the destruction of Western civilization.”  Though beyond the scope of this article, I highly encourage readers to peruse the Center for Security Policy’s Team ‘B’ II Report Sharia: The Threat to America for a thorough, comprehensive look at the Islamic Sharia Law’s threat to America.

Islamism, or Political Islam has thoroughly penetrated our society  The driving force for this penetration is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).  CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front group that’s been operating in the U.S. for 30 years.  To be clear, they act in part as Hamas' political action committee in the U.S.  Their national executive director Nihad Awad recently gave President Biden an ultimatum: “We have discovered the language that President Biden understands: ‘No ceasefire, no votes!’ “ “Ceasefire” means Israel would stop their military operation to root out Hamas' terrorist network in Gaza.

Earlier, I noted ‘support for Islamic terrorism has infiltrated our cities.’ Unrestrained immigration has increased and centralized the Islamic population so they represent true political power that can be used to support the Awad ultimatum to Biden.  States such as Michigan (MI) and Minnesota (MN) have large, centralized Islamic immigrant populations who now wield election-changing political throw weight i.e., Biden’s 2024 reelection prospects are toast if he doesn’t carry MI and MN, and capturing massive majorities of the Islamic vote is requisite to do so.  Hence, in the past two weeks, you’ve heard Biden Administration proxies such as former President Obama and former Biden campaign staffers boldly calling for a CAIR-advocated Israeli ceasefire. Hamas is Iran's terror proxy, and Biden continued to allow Iran to prosper by selling their oil and freeing up billions in previously frozen Iranian assets.  This has allowed additional Iranian aid to flow the Hamas terrorists.  

CAIR has openly promoted and fostered Islamic penetration into our government.  Most concerning are the penetrations into our national security apparatus.  Three recent penetrations illustrated and underscore the threat:

In these three penetrations, CAIR facilitated the infiltration of our Iran nuclear deal negotiations, the DoD organization that plans and budget for counter terrorism operations, and the organization that adjudicates entry into our country of immigrants from terrorist countries.

CAIR has worked assiduously to ensure the recruitment of anti-Semitic, left-wing faculty (I acknowledge the redundancy), and the establishment of Justice for Palestine chapters at over 250 US colleges and universities.  Qatar, where Hamas leaders live in luxury while their people suffer poverty driven by their allegiance to terrorism and the overthrow of Israel, has donated well over $6B to US institutions of higher learning. 

Our adversaries, as adversaries are wont to do, constantly look for ways to attack our weaknesses.  When it comes to the US, adversaries have a huge advantage attacking us because they can “go to school” on how to do this by simply listening to and parroting the actions and critiques of the Demofascist Party.  In a 2021 interview, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar previewed this strategy by stating the following:

“. . . I want to take this opportunity to remember the racist murder of George Floyd.  George Floyd was killed as a result of a racist ideology held by some people.  The same type of racism that killed George Floyd, is being used by Israel against the Palestinians in Jerusalem, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and in the West Bank.”

And there have been other statements since in this vein, so clearly, this has been underway since 2021.

As the Islamists have taken their place with the other terror groups of the Demofascist Party, they have grasped ideological arms with them in their embrace of a noxious admixture of Sharia-fueled Islamofacism, fascism, and communism.  Over the past several weekends, there were multiple protests across the U.S. and Europe.  In these protests, the New York City—Democratic Socialists of America were front and center in the NYC protests.

Clearly, we have a coalescing of far-left groups which creates a terrifying scenario as we move full-throttle into the 2024 presidential election cycle.  This scenario is illustrated with the probable answers to the following two questions:

  1. Given Biden’s electoral dependence on the Islamic vote, is there any limit to the political violence he’d tolerate from Hamas supporters to curry favor with this constituency group?; and,

  2. If the one-two punch of BLM and Antifa was a terror threat during the run-up to the 2020 election, what will this new Triumvirate of Terror bring in 2024?

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