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The Demofascists Four-legged Stool of Political Power--Part III: Big-Tech Censorship

By Jake McLean

The Demofascist Party is implementing their political strategy through a four-legged stool of political power (calling them Democrat or worse, Democratic Party, is beyond non-sensical given their anti-democratic behavior). The “legs” are climate hysteria, equity, big-tech censorship, and police-state tyranny. A nation fighting just one of these legs is a tall order—each is deleterious and a mortal danger to our constitutional republic and the God-given rights we’ve enjoyed for 235 years. Our ability to fight and prevail over all four simultaneously is indeed, to use an overused term accurately, an existential threat to our republic’s survival.

The following is the third of a four-part series delving into Big Tech Censorship.

The insidious and profound danger to our country of big-tech censorship is hard to overestimate. It is an inarguably monumental unconstitutional practice (see our 1st Amendment) and crisis now that it’s been revealed, in State of Missouri et al. vs Joseph R. Biden et al., that scores of high ranking Biden Administration officials have been directly colluding with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others to suppress opinions and shadow ban conservatives on their respective platforms. The discovery process in this case has revealed that the Biden Administration has launched a widespread conspiracy to violate the 1st Amendment of millions of American citizens who use these platforms. This is unprecedented. This strikes at the very heart of what it means to be a citizen of the United States. Regretfully, but not surprisingly, President Biden has not received ONE question from the media on this in his very limited media engagements.

Below, I detail the most egregious acts of big-tech censorship:

  1. Banning/Shadow Banning: The banning of President Trump, while in office, from all major social media platforms is the most visible act of the regressive tech oligarchs’ objective to silence opinions that don’t match the ruling oligarchy’s view on the issues of the day. Trump’s social media posts can be characterized as provocative and sometimes hard-hitting, but never advocated or fomented violence. But there are thousands of conservative politicians, opinion leaders, journalists, etc., that were also banned or shadow banned. The shadow banning was particularly loathsome as it was done behind the scenes by platform technicians utilizing tweaked algorithms to reduce followers and electronic circulation.

  2. Election Interference: In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post published a bombshell expose, based on the physical possession of the laptop and an analysis and verification of its contents, that credibly accused Hunter Biden and then Democrat candidate Joe Biden of trading business investment lucre for favorable foreign policy decisions—made by Vice President Biden—on behalf of the country’s providing the money. This was as close to a prima facia case of corruption affecting a presidential candidate ever. In unison, the social media platforms suspended access to the NY Post’s accounts by readers and stopped distribution of the story’s contents on their platforms. Moreover, the coordination between the big tech companies, the Biden Campaign, and the 51 former intelligence community officials to sign a letter asserting the “[Hunter Biden] ‘laptop op’ fits the bill, as the publication of the emails are [sic] clearly designed to discredit Biden…. It is high time that Russia stops interfering in our democracy.” Game, set, match, as they say in tennis—this allowed Biden to dismiss this story at the last debate handily and provided cover for the debate moderator—already biased towards Biden—to dismiss the accusation and move on to other topics. Not convinced this was a seminal, election-altering event? 2020 post-election polls have revealed that 79% of voters believe the outcome of the election would have been different if the laptop story was covered by the media. That level of voters seeing this a an election altering event would have easily swung the election to President Trump (putting aside the election-changing impact of the massive, pre-meditated fraud documented in 2000 Mules).

  3. Suppression via Search Algorithms: all the social media platforms skew their search results via manipulating their search algorithms. It is widespread and “below the surface” censoring of the pursuit of basic knowledge by millions on an everyday basis. You think this isn’t significant? Doubt it’s impact? Load the search terms “gender affirming care” into Google search, and then load those same search terms into DuckDuckGo. Notice any difference in the coverage of the topic as you scroll down through the search results? Indeed …. Now multiply this biased impact by the billions of searches that happen on a weekly basis on the Google platform on every topic under the sun.

  4. Limiting visibility of online videos: YouTube has been censoring conservative content by making uploaded videos with objectionable content—defined as content that doesn’t match the political ideology of the left—by making the videos only viewable to the person who uploaded it. In other words, the potential audience that it was intended for won’t even know it’s there for viewing. It’s not discoverable by anyone on the platform. Another massive impact to the ability to disseminate content and opinion on everything.

  5. Misinformation/Disinformation: This has become the “cloak” of justification the Left has thrown on top of every one of their efforts described previously. You see, they have made themselves the arbiters of what’s true or false, and used the apparatus of their media and big tech empires to be “guardians of democracy” as a ridiculous rationale behind their actions. This rationale came to the forefront during the COVID-19 “panic-demic” as they colluded with federal, state, and local politicians, public health officials, professional medical societies, and big Pharma to implement the dictates of the bio-security state. The result was an end to medical freedom (a complete violation of the Nuremberg Code) and suspension (indefinitely if they could) of our Bill of Rights. It has become the permanent state of our media ecosphere, and has played a seminal role driving American publics’ opinion, by a solid majority, to believe the statement “the media is the enemy of the people.” Quite a place for the “guardians of democracy” to end up, no?

Taken collectively, these five continuous acts of big tech censorship, in collusion with the Federal Government, literally destroy the 1st Amendment for millions of American citizens. They are aimed at the Republican Party and the America First movement by the opposition party. Our constitutional republic cannot stand as we have known it if this isn’t arrested.

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