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The Demofascist’s Four-legged Stool of Political Power

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Climate Hysteria, Equity, Big-Tech Censorship, & Police-State Tyranny—Part I of IV

The Demofascist Party is implementing their political strategy through a four-legged stool of political power (calling them Democrat or worse, Democratic Party, is beyond non-sensical given their anti-democratic behavior). The “legs” are climate hysteria, equity, big-tech censorship, and police-state tyranny. A nation fighting just one of these legs is a tall order—each is deleterious and a mortal danger to our constitutional republic and the God-given rights we’ve enjoyed for 235 years. Our ability to fight and prevail over all four simultaneously is indeed, to use an overused term accurately, an existential threat to our republic’s survival.

The following is Part I of IV—it delves into climate hysteria.

Bottomline up front: the climate change movement is a complete ruse for the left to implement their top-to-bottom command and control economic nostrums through carbon neutral policies. Detailing the extent of the climate change ruse is beyond the scope of this article, but bountiful empirical data and analysis resides at and

It is a climate hysteria that is pursued as a religious movement. After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the late, great Rush Limbaugh presciently identified the radical environmental movement as the new home for communism. Working in tandem with European Green fanatics (e.g., see Germany’s expected winter heating problems), Biden and Demofascist Party have brought this union to full fruition with their “Green New Deal.”

Carbon neutral—sometimes called “net-zero”—is a recipe for economic cataclysm and resulting demographic disaster. The Demofascists are already putting into place planned economic contraction and a true downturn in our standard of living. They are implementing a complete anti-carbon strategy including the following:

- A complete reversal of Trump-era domestic energy policies which had made the U.S. energy independent for the first time in several generations. This reversal has driven record high gasoline, heating and electricity prices;

- A master plan for unviable electric cars to take the place of gasoline fueled vehicles (unviable because of the lack of electric generating capacity to operate them, the infrastructure to support them, and the resulting transformation of China as our new “OPEC” for production of electric car batteries);

- The buying up of large tracts of single family homes nationwide by large corporations such as Black Rock and others;

- Massive, burdensome regulation on business making it extremely costly to operate and prohibitive to start a business; and,

- Planned obsolescence of modern, high yield farming methods which will exacerbate food shortages and prices (see recently Sri Lanka and the Netherlands for what’s coming). This includes the demonization of eating meat and the promotion of insects as the most desirable protein source.

All of the above are mutually self-reinforcing: making it extremely expensive to drive, heat ones’ home, keep your lights on and appliances running, and pursuing the American dream of home ownership. Curbing or ending modern, high-yield farming methods guarantees food shortages and gives our inflation problem a shot of steroids. All of it severely punishes Americans.

Getting rid of single family housing and the bucolic suburbs in favor of endless landscapes of Beijing-like tenement housing achieves the Demofascists’ “holy grail”—the reducing America’s carbon footprint. The tenements will be built closest to urban areas, not in the exurbs or suburbs. This would reinforce their move to reduce ownership of vehicles in favor of forcing most into relying on mass transit which traditionally is centralized in urban centers. The phrase “I own nothing, and I’m happy” is used by many of the elitist Davos Great Reset promoters as some sort of strange, seemingly seductive phrase promoting the end goal of this type of thinking.

Predictably, our failed government K-12 schools as well as colleges and universities have played their nauseating role brainwashing several generations of young people when it comes to the environment vs real, balanced choices we have to make as a modern industrial society. Climate hysteria has been taught as a literal religion in these schools. This totally fallacious curriculum has turned out tens of millions of truly frightened environmentalists with a religious zeal highly antagonistic towards modern society and our capitalist system.

Make no mistake: the Biden Administration, through executive orders and in recent legislation, has put the U.S. on a road to economic catastrophe if these policies, driven by climate hysteria, are allowed to run through to fruition.

Stay tuned for Part II: Equity, which will be published soon.

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