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The Demofascist Party's Four-legged Stool of Political Power--Part II: Equity

By Jake McLean

The Demofascist Party is implementing their political strategy through a four-legged stool of political power (calling them Democrat or worse, Democratic Party, is beyond non-sensical given their anti-democratic behavior). The “legs” are climate hysteria, equity, big-tech censorship, and police-state tyranny. A nation fighting just one of these legs is a tall order—each is deleterious and a mortal danger to our constitutional republic and the God-given rights we’ve enjoyed for 235 years. Our ability to fight and prevail over all four simultaneously is indeed, to use an overused term accurately, an existential threat to our republic’s survival.

The following is Part II of IV—it delves into equity.

First and foremost, the conceptualization of the equity agenda can be summed up most clearly as a wholesale reversal of the US’ national motto E Pluribus Unum, from many to one, to Ex Uno Plures, from one to many. It seeks to make “the great melting pot” a forgotten attribute of the historic American Experiment that has produced the only successful multi-ethnic/racial, representative republic in world history. I’ll add that the equity agenda also disgraces Martin Luther King’s dream that all Americans “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Wokeness is the enforcement arm of the equity regime. The Urban Dictionary defines wokeness as “the quality of being alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism.” “[B]eing alert” in the above definition is a misnomer of the highest order in the implementation of wokeness. To the contrary, wokeness is being vehemently and incessantly brow-beaten into every aspect of our daily lives.

The intellectual “vehicle” for equity is Critical Race Theory (CRT) which Wikipedia defines as “a cross-disciplinary examination, by social and civil-rights scholars and activists, to explore how laws, social and political movements, and media shape, and are shaped by, social conceptions of race and ethnicity.” Sounds harmless enough, no? But it’s implementation can be best summed up by CRT faux-scholar Ibram X. Kendi who states, in his book How to be an Anti-Racist, “the remedy for past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy for present discrimination is future discrimination.” The US Constitutional construct of “equality under law” is demolished under Kendi and CRT.

The diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I) industrial complex (IC) has extended the tentacles of this societal malignancy into every segment of American society:

  • Education: From grades K-12 and in our colleges and universities, the equity agenda has become a forced indoctrination that would make Mao’s Red Guard envious during the Cultural Revolution in China. There’s not a subject or extracurricular activity that isn’t wrapped around the equity agenda. There’s forced indoctrination into Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer + (LGBTQ+) theory, and re-segregation of students into racial groups where oppressors and oppressed labels are assigned to each student based on their race. School subjects are being infused with historical racist claptrap allowing Demofascist politicians and their supporters to assert brazenly “we’re not teaching CRT” as they hide behind the thin veil that there’s not a standalone course called CRT in the curriculum. This is Ex Uno Plures construct infused at the youngest age. When concerned parents pushed back at local school board meetings, Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland sicked the FBI on them using terrorism statutes for rounding up foreign terrorists.

  • Industry: CRT has spread through our major corporations like wild-fire over the past 2-3 years. The DE&I IC has browbeat major corporations and their boards to swallow CRT and the woke agenda. DE&I consultants are a constant fixture in corporate life. Major corporations that make up a great deal of the Fortune 500 have implemented DE&I CRT training that literally demands that white employees admit their intergenerational guilt for past, current, and future racism solely based on their immutable characteristics, accept their white guilt, apologize continually, and vigorously embrace their second class status in our America’s racial caste system. Through Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) initiatives, corporations are being pressured to implement “stakeholder” vice “shareholder” capitalism. The former pressures companies to include activist members on their corporate boards who supposedly “represent” the broader interests of the community. This ensures that decision making isn’t about maximizing shareholder value, but the equity agenda being pushed by activists. The Federal Reserve System and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are both neck deep in pushing ESG and other non-economic standards and shibboleths in this direction. Collectively, this is a death knell for our capitalistic system if implemented to a significant extent.

  • Government: Nowhere has the equity agenda cut a wider and deeper path than through the federal government. Close behind are many state and local governments, As a former federal employee until several years ago, I saw the freight train of equity blazing its way through the government. CRT, speech codes, blatant discrimination against whites—especially white males—was rampant. The outright encouragement to foment racial grievance was everywhere as President Obama issued a memorandum to the federal departments and agencies just before leaving office. It stated these organizations should create “safe spaces” for grievance mongering employees to be heard (a nice sabotage of the incoming Trump Administration). When the Trump Administration finally recognized the basic unfairness and its impact on mission accomplishment, President Trump issued executive orders in his last year in office to put a stop to it. But the bureaucracy immunized itself against much of what Trump tried to implement in this regard. The Biden Administration’s equity agenda is startling in its bold declaration that everything will be viewed through the lens of equity. There is frankly nothing they do or say that isn’t underscored by equity. A recent example: Vice President Harris declared on October 1 that Hurricane Ian federal assistance “will be distributed based on equity.”

  • Sports/Entertainment/Pop Culture: Every major professional sports league in the US save the NHL has swallowed the equity/CRT agenda hook, line, and sinker as have the networks that cover them. It has hurt ratings and revenues, but they seem willing to weather it and continue. Entertainment has been a cesspool of every faddish trend over the past several decades, and they have voraciously enforced the woke agenda. See if you can endure a broadcast of one of their many award shows without becoming nauseous. A day doesn’t pass without some celebrity virtue-signaling at the Altar of Wokeness, or leading the virtual cancellation of some celebrity who dared to step off the woke reservation in any minor way.

  • Legal/Law Enforcement System: The equity monster has hit our legal system and the effectiveness of law enforcement like a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Most informed observers are very concerned about the rampant crime that has hit overwhelmingly Democrat-run cities, irrespective of whether the city resides in a blue or red state. George Soros-funded prosecutors have implemented “outcome based” legal systems that emphasize that crime rates for individual racial groups should not rise above each group’s proportional representation in the general population i.e., equity-based criminal enforcement. This is bat-guano crazy. Through no-cash bail standards, repeat offenders are repeatedly released from jail so they can harm an unsuspecting populace by committing godawful, violent crimes. The most prominent (no longer the most respected) professional legal association—the American Bar Association (ABA)—is playing a seminal role in unleashing the equity monster into our legal system. They are ensuring that a “race-focused” (i.e., equity/woke) educational mandate is being forced on law schools through their Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar. The ABA is the only federally recognized accreditor of law schools in the US. Law students naturally want and need to attend accredited law schools. Additionally, the woke ABA plays a substantial role in rating judicial nominees relative qualification to be nominated or confirmed to judgeships. In essence, where the seed corn of our legal system is produced—in law schools and courtrooms—the equity monster is firmly taking control.

  • Medicine and Public Health: Prior to the COVID-19 “panic-demic," most Americans had a general trust in the public health and the medical profession. That is no longer the case. Volumes can be written on what’s taken place in public health and medicine, and the disgusting, unscientific medical care that was sprung on America during COVID—all is well beyond the scope of this article. I do highly recommend Robert F. Kennedy’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” for those interested in an in-depth exploration of what took place. Very similar to what I described in its effects under our legal/law enforcement system, our medical system—in its training of doctors/nurses—is moving along the same equity/woke lines. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education is adding a diversity requirement in their criteria for accrediting US residency and fellowship programs. There’s also serious consideration to change the US Medical Licensing Examination test from a graded score to a simple pass/fail. Equity-based courses abound in the medical schools on CRT, intersectionality, implicit bias, identity, oppression, allyship, power and privilege, etc. Public health bureaucracies across the country are declaring racism as a public health emergency—over 200 have done so in just the past year. I think the reader gets the drift—at the very center of the where the people who help us stay alive and healthy receive training and practice—the equity monster is destroying their training, testing, certification, and standards of care. Just recently, the University of Minnesota Medical School class of 2026 recited an oath that included “[w]e recognize the inequities … built by traumas past and present rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism, and all other forms of oppression.” We’re headed for healthcare that’s prioritized and delivered by the providers who have been programmed to perceive this equity agenda as the most important criterion when they provide patient care.

As the reader can surmise, this has been a brief survey of equity’s impact on major segments of American society. Two courageous scholars on everything equity/woke are Chris Rufo and Heather MacDonald--I encourage you to click these links to discover an enormous amount of empirical research and analysis well beyond the scope of this article.

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