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The American Republic in the Balance

By Jake McLean

A large majority of the American people are concerned about the future of the country.  Polls measuring right way/wrong way direction of the country clearly indicate a 2/3rds majority believe we’re headed in the wrong direction.  The Demofascist Party and their globalist, megalomaniac partners (see the Biden Administration and World Economic Forum/Davos) have “flooded the zone” with so many ghastly, dangerous policies and proposals, it’s hard for even well-informed citizens to judge what to focus on and prioritize opposition efforts.

Reference the table below. There are two macro-vectors that can be used to categorize and distill the threats posed by the major policy campaigns (column A) that the Demofascist Party is pursuing.  These macro-vectors (as depicted in columns B and C) are Violations of National Sovereignty (VNS) and Violations of Individual Sovereignty (VIS)—these are defined below:

National Sovereignty: characterized by supreme and independent political authority, and the pursuit of national interests of the American people as the single most important determinant of political progress and policy decisions.

Individual Sovereignty: is best defined by all levels of governments adhering to, and all actions bound by, Constitutional Amendments 1-10, the Bill of Rights.

Violations of National and Individual Sovereignty

My assessment, using these two macro-vectors of Violates National Sovereignty (VNS) and Violates Individual Sovereignty (VIS), is there are five policy campaigns to focus our opposition efforts on as displayed in column A above.  These five demand focused opposition because they each VNS and/or VIS.  What follows is a brief discussion of each as well as my rationale for placing an “X” under VNS and/or VIS.

Violations of National and Individual Sovereignty

World Health Organization (WHO) Global Pandemic Treaty: after failing miserably during the COVID-19 Plan-demic, the WHO, a puppet of China and the WEF/Davos crowd, is pushing this Treaty.  Though there’s been cosmetic changes of late to mislead countries concerned about protecting themselves from VNS, the clear intent of the Treaty gives the WHO the ability to unilaterally declare a pandemic of health emergency, and then mandate mitigation measures on signatories.  For example, this would give the WHO the authority to order the US government to mandate vaccination of our populace.  Imagine the many VNS and VIS instances as you recall the other “voluntary/mandatory” measures pushed during COVID-19 that now would have the force of authoritarian dictates backed by international treaty compliance obligations.

Border Invasion: over that past three years, to include only known got-aways, the government’s own data shows 9.2 million illegal aliens have entered our country (includes known got-aways, but no estimate of unknown got-aways).  This is a Biden Administration authorized invasion and violates Article 5, Section 4 of the Constitution where the Federal Government “shall protect each of them [states] against invasion.”  With the covert, industrial strength effort by the Government, United Nations, and scores of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) colluding to transport illegals to most of the states of the union, they are changing the demographics, population, and safety (crime and national security) of the states without the consent of the governed, the citizens of these states.  This is a clear, willful, grotesque VNS.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) aka “Equity: I’ve written about equity in detail here.   DEI places protected groups above other groups.  Equal treatment under law is nullified, and completely subject to the whims and caprices of those holding institutional power.  Every aspect of life for the DEI non-favored citizen is at risk as is their protections guaranteed under Constitutional Amendments 1-10, the Bill of Rights.  There’s clear, inarguable VIS caused by DEI.

Climate Change as Religion: I’ve written about climate hysteria in detail here.  The WEF’s Agenda 2030 and the Demofascist Party’s “Green New Scam (Deal),” collectively taken to their dastardly, implemented conclusion, effectively ends modern societal living as we know it.  “Net Zero” carbon goals are an unhinged dive into an abyss of shortages, disease, and actual depopulation of the earth’s population.  All for a completely made up crisis of climate “warming” or “change.”  The Paris Climate Treaty, which the U.S. is a signatory, was never put before the U.S. Senate for ratification by the Obama Administration i.e., the U.S. being a signatory is illegal given no Senate ratification.  The Constitution’s Article 2, Section 2 [2] states the President “shall have the Power, with advice and consent of the Senate [my emphasis], to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur [my emphasis] . . . .”  So an unratified international treaty is causing great VNS.  And it, along with the Green New Scam, is causing incalculable VIS.  VIS examples are unconstitutional electric vehicle mandates, attempts to ban gas stoves, and our shrinking, unreliable national power grid.

Censorship aka Fighting Mis-/Dis-/Malinformation (MDM): I’ve written about big-tech censorship in detail here.  Online censorship is where this policy campaign threat vector finds its targets.  The WEF Globalists and the Demofascist Party have perfected censorship of non-compliant (with their agenda) communications through a government/big tech partnership ostensibly fighting MDM.  The censorship industrial complex (CIC) has been outed with vigor by journalists Matt Tabibbi, Michael Shellenberger, and Bari Weis.   At the invitation of Twitter (now called “X”) owner Elon Musk, they had access to all of X’s holdings on a litany of the major issues that were branded MDM by the corporate media.  For example, highly complex censorship activities were exposed showing the massive propaganda campaigns the CIC executed to support the Trump Russia Collusion Hoax, the COVID-19 Natural Origin lie (it was a lab-leak), and the Hunter Biden Laptop is Russian Disinformation.  The federal government colluding with international big tech companies to create MDM—under the guise of fighting it—is a profound VNS and VIS.

These five policy campaigns and their VNS and VIS literally destroy the fabric of our republic.  I urge America First supporters to prioritize opposition efforts to defeat these VNS and VIS.  As we fight them, the survival of our American Republic does indeed hang in the balance.

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