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Shariah Law: A death-blow to the Republic

By Jake McLean

American’s can be partially forgiven for losing sight of the threat of radical Islam and its governing doctrine, Shariah Law, as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars fade into the country’s rear-view of consciousness.  The COVID-19 panic-demic served to hermetically seal off any vivid, salient memories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and their tenuous aftermath.  The Uniparty—then led by the George W. Bush Administration—initiated dreadful and purposeful obscuring of what the true threat behind the terrorism was then and remains today: Islamic Supremacy as animated by Shariah Law.

President George W. Bush’s statement on 17 September 2001 at the Islamic Center of Washington D.C. (six days after 9/11) that “Islam is Peace” was a stunning assertion that in no way can be supported by what has animated Islamists for decades—violent Jihad against non-Islamist societies.  The fact that there are decent size pluralities of Islamic moderates (non-Shariah Law adherents) across the world in no way can be viewed as an antidote to Shariah Law and the violent Jihad that is central to its doctrine.  Moreover, the latter writings of the Quran come from the Medina period and are much more violent than the earlier more moderate writings coming from the Meccan period.  The Islamic supremacists hold to the Medinan writings (a simple analog is Christians adhering to the New Testament vice the Old—the juxtaposition then becomes the opposite as the New Testament is profoundly less violent than the Old Testament).

Shariah Law is a clear and present danger to our constitutional republic.  Why?  Because Shariah Law would necessarily replace our constitution if it’s implemented.  “Wait, what?  Shariah Law is just the Islamist’s religion.  We have freedom of religion in our country.  So what’s the big deal?”  Here’s the big deal: Shariah Law doesn’t just address religion—it’s a whole-of-society governing doctrine addressing all aspects of life: finance, economics, law, religion, military, intelligence, marital relations, sexual orientation, and government.  It overtly rejects equal treatment under law, democratic processes and forms of government, our Bill of Rights, and pursues an all-encompassing misogyny.  Freedom of expression or thought as illustrated in homosexuality, gender fluidity, etc. is condemned most often by horrific death sentences.  I again refer readers to The Center for Security Policy’s Team B II Report for comprehensive coverage of the threat of Islamic Supremacism and Shariah Law.

With this threat in mind, and the recent Islamic uprisings in the U.S. associated with the 7 October 2023 Hamas attack on Israel, we have witnessed profound events that spell trouble for the future of our constitutional republic:

  1. Massive demonstrations of mostly college-age youth protesting and justifying the 7 October Hamas attacks on Israel fueled by over 250 on-campus chapters of  Justice for Palestine;

  2. Elite universities outed as fomenters of Islamic Supremacy with their leadership openly refusing to condemn anti-semitism recently before the House of Representatives;

  3. The outing of Islamic supremacists working in the Biden Administration;   

  4. The Biden Administration’s open funding of Islamic terrorism through the release of billions of dollars to Iran who funnels funds Hamas and Hezbollah;

  5. The Biden Administration’s currying favor with Islamists to secure the vote of majority muslim areas in key swing states like Michigan and Minnesota; and,

  6. Over 100 attacks against U.S. military installations and movements in the Middle East since 7 October.

Our law enforcement and intelligence services have been indoctrinated into pursuing the illusionary threat of “white supremacy” while being brainwashed to ignore the Islamist threat to the country.  The Biden Administration has continued what started under Obama—turning the counter-terrorism apparatus of our country inward to harass, intimidate, and arrest political opposition instead of radical Islamists.  Let that marinate: the Biden Administration has unleashed the full counter-terrorism capabilities of the U.S. government against their duly constituted political opponents —completely unconstitutionally—with the devastating by-product of taking those valuable resources off the real threat: Shariah Law-fueled Islamic Supremacy. 

This trajectory of Civilization Jihad — taking over a society non-violently at first through inserting Shariah followers into all aspects of American society (the finance, economics, law, religion, military, intelligence cited previously)— has proceeded apace now for three plus decades.  The threat is here—our constitutional republic’s survival is in the balance.  And it is lethally compounded by President Biden who is irrevocably politically and legally compromised.

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