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Precision is essential: They are the REGRESSIVE LEFT

By Jake McLean

Demofascists (my name for Democrats—see here) use their usual monikers “liberal” and “progressive” to their great advantage, especially amongst the growing ranks of low information voters (a Rush Limbaugh-ism). Their advantage: why would anyone have a problem with a “liberal” thinker, or someone who believes in making “progress?”

Looking at how Webster’s Dictionary defines liberal and progressive provides some insight why these labels benefit the Demofascists. See the following excerpts from the definitions:

Liberal: giving freely, generously; not restricted to the literal meaning; tolerant of views different from one’s own; broadminded . . . .

Progressive: favoring, working for, or characterized by progress or improvement; indicating continuing action . . . .

My assertion is that the people who are called liberals and/or progressives—and the Demofascist Party in general—benefit greatly as low information voters are lulled into supporting their cause. The above definitions provide a thick smoke screen to hide the true intentions and policy positions of the Demofascists. They in fact are the regressive left.

Here’s Webster’s definition of regress (excerpted) of which we can simply derive the new, more accurate moniker regressive: a going or coming back; backward movement; move backward. For are purposes, moving backwards in time.

To illustrate this, please see the table below. It contains 17 Demofascist Party policy positions that collectively represent the essential thrust of their Party at federal, state, and local levels. After each, I assign an “X” if the policy proposal is inconsistent with the definitions previously detailed for liberal and progressive. Some of the items contain an X for each because they are inconsistent with both. By and large, it should be intuitively obvious to the reader why each policy position doesn’t meet one or both of the definitions.

Demofascist Policies: Inconsistent with Liberal and Progressive Definitions

The table above clearly shows that the Demofascists are imposters when they are referred to as liberal or progressive. Let’s call them what they are: the regressive left! Imagine if this term was adopted wide-spread by conservatives. This precision labeling would go a long way to educate and influence low-information voters about the true nature and intentions of the Demofascist Party.

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