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"Chem Trails" Primer: It's Called Geo-engineering, and it's Real and Deadly

By Jake McLean

This article’s purpose is to provide the unacquainted with a basic primer on what many observers call “chem trails” or geo-engineering operations.  I am in debt and acknowledge with gratitude that I’ve drawn a significant part of this article from the robust authority on this topic,

What follows is a basic FAQs format I’ve derived from the site:

  1. What is Geo-engineering?  Geo-engineering is climate engineering.  It’s man’s attempt to “play God with the weather” by blocking the sun’s thermal energy to mitigate the Regressive Left’s holy grail, climate change.  [an aside: I do not/not believe in anthropogenic warming of our planet]    

  2. How is Geo-engineering accomplished?  The way this is done is to spray, at high altitudes from the back of an aircraft, nano-size particulates of toxic metals such as aluminum and cadmium so that they will block the sun’s rays from hitting the earth (solar radiation management).  Chem Trails are not/not the water vapor condensation that can be seen from the exhaust of jet engines flying at high altitude. [if you’re a conspiracy theorist (i.e., truth teller), ask Siri “what are chem trails?”]

  3. What’s the overall objective of Geo-engineering?  They are trying to block the amount of daily solar radiation that reaches the earth using the nano-particles to reflect the radiation back into space.

  4. Has Geo-engineering been successful blocking the sun’s solar radiation?  Most decidedly, yes, and it’s provided a stunning dimming of the earth as can be viewed from space comparing photos taken in 1972 from Apollo missions and present-day.

  5. Since the chemicals are sprayed from high altitudes, is there any danger of the toxic metals reaching the earth and harming human and plant life?  Indeed, the toxic particulates do reach the earth as they have been found in sampling tests of rain, snow, and soil.  There’s a compendium of research studies here. They have also caused toxic algae blooms in our oceans as they have acted as fertilization to the algae.

  6. How long has the US government been involved with geo-engineering?  Dating back to 1947, multiple government agencies to include the military have been involved with aspects of geo-engineering.

  7. What government agencies actually do the high-altitude spraying?  There are probably several, but it appears the U.S. Air Force (USAF) is the primary agency involved in these operations as documented in their “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025” published in 1996.  [Full disclosure: this author served 11 years as an officer in the USAF]

  8. If the chemicals used in geo-engineering harm human beings, why isn’t it against the law?  A 1976 UN Treaty prohibited the use of “environmental modification techniques” in war time, but “provisions of this Convention [treaty] shall not hinder the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes . . .” [by member countries].  Of course, given numbers 6 and 7 above, there’s no US law prohibiting the government from what it's been doing with geo-engineering.

  9. If geo-engineering is so harmful to human beings, why would people who inhabit the same earth we do participate in it?  The answer to this question must be viewed through the frame, in their minds, of choosing between the lesser of two evils.  To the committed climate change believer, as President Biden and many others from the regressive left have said, “climate change is an existential threat to our survival” and also our “greatest military threat.”  Therefore, when geo-engineering impacts are juxtaposed to an “existential threat to our survival,” the former is the only choice for them.  And as in all “causes”, they soon become “rackets,” and the climate change industrial complex has too much to lose (i.e., power and money) to let this suddenly go away.

  10. What are the environmental consequences of geo-engineering?  Given that trained meteorologists are unable to accurately predict even tomorrow’s weather with decent accuracy because of the inability to model the innumerable factors that bear on it, predicting the impact of geo-engineering’s tampering with the earth’s hydrology cycle is almost impossible.   But the list of observed impacts are devastating and discussed here.

  11. What are the health consequences of geo-engineering?  Aluminum, one of the main nano-particle elements that is sprayed from aircraft in geo-engineering operations, has well-known deleterious impacts on humans.  The list includes Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimers, Autism, Dementia, Diabetes, Obesity, cognitive impairment, digestive failure, liver failure, neurological diseases, and immune system disorders.  The particulates can easily be inhaled from ambient air and enter the body through absorption in the lungs.

  12. Why aren’t scientist and environmentalists not speaking out about the harm of geo-engineering?  Quite simply, any scientist or environmentalist who’s employed by government or survives on government grant funding is under non-disclosure agreements or literal administrative gag-orders preventing them from discussing the impacts of geo-engineering in public or the media.  As for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the atmospheric testing they use is for much bigger particles than the nano-particles contained in the geo-engineering aerosol that’s sprayed out of aircraft.  An example of scale: you can fit 50,000 nano-particulates from the chem-trail aerosol across one human hair.

I hope this primer will accomplish two things: 1) motivate you to explore the robust website; and, 2) spur local activist actions in your towns and cities where you live to create the groundswell required to raise this issue to the singular importance required to stop the continued damage that’s occurring.

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