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Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab's Wheel of MisFortune

By Jake McLean

World depopulation . . . . Yes, W-O-R-L-D D-E-P-O-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. You are reading that correctly. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation, and Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), are jointly spearheading several loathsome initiatives internationally that collectively, if implemented on a wide-scale, will result in billions of people dying before their natural life spans. Gates has a long history of preaching depopulation (see here, here, and here).

Gates and Schwab are like real-world Wizards of Oz infused with megalomania. They hover over and co-opt world leaders using their philanthropy work and the WEF’s influence to implement life-destroying polices. For convenience, I’ve dubbed this collection of killer initiatives depopulators in the Wheel of Misfortune. [Most of these depopulators are described in Schwab’s 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset] These depopulators aren’t mutually exclusive—there is overlap in terms of cause and effect. Let’s discuss each of these depopulators.

The Depopulators

The following is a list and brief description of the eight depopulators:

  1. Social Credit System (SCS): inspired by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the internet-based social credit system, with artificial intelligence (AI) as its navigator, knowledge base and sensor, is already being used to reinforce ruling regime behaviors and punish violators. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) will play an essential role reinforcing and punishing violators of the SCS at any given time, by denying violators the ability to have money to engage in their desired behaviors/activities.

  2. Anarcho-Tyranny (A-T): this is most visible in our metropolitan areas after the fruition of the “defund the police” movement. There are two aspects of this: A) lawbreakers are not being held to account—e.g., national figures like former FBI Director James Comey or President Joe Biden to the urban thugs with over a dozen felony convictions roaming the streets committing additional felonies; and, B) people not favored by the ruling regime like President Donald Trump or others in his orbit who are being charged and prosecuted for essentially their political views and associations. A two-tiered justice system is the result.

  3. Gender Industrial Complex (GIC): in the zeal to make gender definable by ones own desire, the combination of Demofascist-controlled education establishment, hospital systems, and Big Pharma are colluding to push gender dysphoria to kindergartners and above. Hospital systems and Big Pharma see treating gender dysphoria as a major revenue source.

  4. Pandemics Forever: national governments have been war-gaming pandemics for over a decade (led by the US security state), and have become dangerously enamored with the police-state powers it afforded them. Continuing gain-of-function research will produce endless viruses and mutations.

  5. Vaccines R’ Us: using mRNA technology combined with nano-technology, governments plan to use endless vaccination campaigns to foster behavior modification and as an enabler for transhumanism, the synthesis of humans, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

  6. Climate Cult (CC): called a cult because of the religious nature of its adherents. Followers believe human civilization is destroying planet earth and should return to essentially a pre-industrial, agrarian society. The only exception to this will be for the ruling elite class.

  7. End of Carbon (EoC): the solution for climate change and its cultists, this entails the complete elimination of carbon-based fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal. It affects every human activity from farming to heating ones home.

  8. Ending Modern Agriculture (EMA): the WEF is already upending modern agriculture techniques and fertilizers, and the end of carbon will kill high-yield agriculture and animal husbandry. See The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Ireland for recent examples.

Essential Conditions Already in Place

There are three essential conditions already in place that create a ready environment for successful implementation of all eight depopulators. The first is the destruction of American sovereignty so international bodies (the United Nations, the WEF, etc.) can dictate policies, rules, regulations, through treaties that the Biden Administration accepts and implements without US Senate approval. The Biden Administration is doing this on all of the depopulators, The second is the abrogation of the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1 - 10 of the Constitution) through administrative fiat (recall what took place during the COVID lockdowns). Simply stated, the Biden Executive Branch is the most anti-Bill of Rights administration ever assembled in the US. The third, equity/wokeness, serves as a cancer on the republic and a massive distraction to daily life. This distraction serves to occupy a massive amount of the citizenry’s time and attention span—this prevents the necessary focus and opposition to the depopulators.

The Legislative Branch has proven unwilling and/or incapable of forcefully demanding that President Biden submit all treaty implementations to the Senate, nor have they done anything of substance to stem this blatant abrogation of the Bill of Rights. Granted, the Republicans now lead the House of Representatives, and their Committee on the Weaponization of Government has the potential to make some progress on the abrogation of the Bill of Rights in terms of providing a clarion call to US citizen action.

The Judicial Branch of our government (Article 3 courts) is effective where constitutionalists sit as the jurists, but the wheels of justice turn very slowly in our country. For example, it can take several years for a 1st Amendment lawsuit to make its way to fruition through our federal courts system.

The Depopulators and How they Cause Depopulation

Below is a table that aligns each depopulator with causes of depopulation (Items A through L on the horizontal axis). Please examine the horizontal axis of the table (the vertical axis shows the depopulators previously described). For example, if you A) Lack Medical Freedom, you may be forced to take untested vaccines such as occurred (and is still occurring as of this publication) in many state/localities in the US, or may be denied essential medical care if unvaccinated. If you D) Lack Affordable, Nutritious Food, you will not live to your full life expectancy. If you F) Lack Freedom of Movement, it will lower quality of life resulting in a multitude of negative life consequences. The reader can discern what causes of depopulation is associated with each depopulator by reading across its row.

Table: Depopulators and How They Cause Depopulation

I have assembled this information and completed this analysis to illustrate the connections to world depopulation because this truly is an existential threat to life as we’ve known it in the US. These depopulators are threat vectors coming at us from myriad directions, and it’s important to lift the level of abstraction high enough to see how they all come together to profoundly threaten the world’s population. Understanding that depopulation is the common thread animating what may seem to many to be disparate actions is essential to craft and implement an energetic and dedicated response to deny the globalists their objectives.

If these depopulation actions go unanswered, we are truly facing shorter, less fulfilling and vital lives on Bill and Klaus’ Wheel of Misfortune.

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