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Benedict Biden--Time for Truthful Accounting of his Traitorous Acts

In a time of universal deceit—telling the truth is a revolutionary act

George Orwell

By Jake McLean

Benedict Arnold gained notoriety when, as a Major General in the Continental Army, he planned to surrender the Fort at West Point to the British and join the British Army. The plot was uncovered and he fled West Point and defected to the British side in 1780. At the time, he was the highest ranking known traitor in American History.

But now there is ample evidence that the President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden—Beijing Joe—is a traitor to the constitutional republic he serves. Thus, the moniker Benedict Biden in this article’s title [note to the reader: I use “Beijing Joe” and “Benedict Biden” interchangeably referring to Biden]

Our country had a legitimate chance to have Biden vetted properly, but the “Deep State” government put in place by he and Barak Obama successfully thwarted this on the run up to the 2020 presidential election. As recent Twitter File releases have amply revealed, a “Public-Private Censorship Bureaucracy” (journalist Matt Taibbi’s term) was able to crush the free exchange of ideas, as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. This vetting would have revealed the Biden Crime Family corruption to the voting public. Alas, it didn’t happen, and we are stuck with him.

The Biden Crime Family (BCF) has functioned over decades beginning when Beijing Joe was a junior senator from Delaware, blooming full-flower when he took over the Obama Administration’s “Ukraine Account” as Vice President. It continued during his run-up to becoming a 2020 presidential candidate. And he is now delivering for his three biggest corruption patrons: Communist China (CCP), Russia, and Ukraine. [For a thorough accounting of the BCF’s corruption, see Miranda Devine’s “Laptop from Hell]

Hunter Biden’s Laptop, as verified by multiple sources to include Tony Bobulinski, a former US Naval officer and business partner of Beijing Joe and Hunter, details literal payoffs from Ukraine, Russia, and the CCP. Bobulinski actually came forward to the media in October 2020 to attest publicly about the veracity of what was contained on Hunter’s laptop. But all of it was censored by the 1st Amendment violating Public-Private Censorship Bureaucracy.

So there’s volumes of verified documentation of payola from these three countries—the “Quid” in Quid Pro Quo—to the BCF. What about the “Pro Quo”—the favors for the payola? Let’s take a look at these countries with this objective question in mind: has Beijing Joe’s policy towards these countries appeared to be influenced by the payola, or has he pursued policies clearly designed to benefit the interests of the US?

Communist China (CCP): The first visible, unambiguous signal of the Biden Administration’s servile posture towards China occurred on 18 March 2021 in a bilateral meeting in Alaska. In an unprecedented exercise of their disdain for Biden’s leadership, the CCP disrespected the US delegation for over an hour. Worse yet, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was atrocious in his half-hearted attempts to stand up to the CCP. Was this meeting an anomaly? No—China just warned Blinken to behave himself and “mind his manners” on his upcoming visit.

Predictably, CCP has started using the Demofascist Party’s criticism of the US to incite our population internally in their criticism of the US as a human rights violator. This has single-handedly removed the US’ decades-old moral authority and stature to criticize the CCP and other tyrannical regimes that don’t uphold human rights.

For years, the CCP has stolen US intellectual property and inserted a nationwide network of spies into our prestigious universities, research labs, and high technology companies. Based on this threat, the Trump Administration initiated an FBI counter intelligence program—the China Initiative—aimed at investigating and thwarting the CCP’s theft of our intellectual property and technology secrets. It was revealed recently that Beijing Joe ended this program on January 20, 2021, his inauguration day. The reader shouldn’t miss this point: on Day 1 of the Biden Administration, Beijing Joe ended the most important counter-intelligence program designed to counter the CCP’s most aggressive program to exploit the US’ intellectual and technology superiority.

The CCP donated $54.6M to the University of Pennsylvania from 2014-2019 which was used to fund the Penn-Biden Center. The Penn-Biden Center served as a “Biden Foreign Policy Staff in-waiting” as Biden was paid $900,000/annually and had Blinken and other current State Department staff on the payroll. Just recently, classified documents were “found” at the Center in open storage (not properly secured in a Secure Compartmented Information (SCI) facility (SCIF)) (classified docs have been found in several other Biden locations as well). So…you have a Center bankrolled by the CCP for Benedict Biden, he’s drawing a nice neat sum of $900,000/annually, and he’s keeping improperly stored SCI documents there. Nothing to see here, right? Let’s play a thought experiment: imagine this was the Penn-Trump Center with Russia bankrolling it, paying Trump $900,000/annually, and Trump had SCI documents not stored in a SCIF? Queue the corporate media explosion.

Then there’s the CCP’s unleashing of COVID-19 on the world, and Beijing Joe’s complete surrender to hold them accountable for the unprecedented, calamitous damage that resulted in the following:

  1. The killing of hundreds of thousands of Americans (though official counts are vastly overstated);

  2. The complete shutdown and destruction of a previously booming economy foregoing ~$8 trillion in economic growth;

  3. An unprecedented $6 trillion of deficit spending; and,

  4. Modeled after the CCP’s COVID response, a thorough and debilitating assault on our Bill of Rights by governments at every level of our federated system through lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and prohibitions from engaging in constitutionally protected activities.

Dr. Anthony “I’m Science” Fauci’s National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NAIAD) funded CCP gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) through a “cutout” firm called EcoAlliance. The virus escaped or was released (still indeterminate whether it was purposeful or an accident) from the WIV and covered up by the CCP and ably assisted by Fauci and his colleagues. Fauci et al pushed a zooinotic (naturally occurring in nature) genesis for COVID. The Twitter File releases have confirmed Fauci’s cover-up in what a Freedom of Information Request (FOIA) had previously revealed (censored by the Public-Private Censorship bureaucracy). Though hard to imagine, ignoring all this, Beijing Joe elevated Fauci’s stature further (Fauci’s now retired). He also “whitewashed” the CCP’s involvement by getting his Director of National Intelligence to issue a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) stating essentially that the origin of COVID was “inconclusive.”

Another essential point that should not get lost in the CCP’s culpability and Beijing Joe’s complete lack of holding them accountable: when COVID broke out in Wuhan Province, the CCP prohibited domestic flights out of Wuhan, but continued to allow departing international flights. This was done to purposely spread COVID across the world. This is indisputable, yet Beijing Joe has levied no consequences on the CCP for this evil, world-altering act of treachery and death.

Beijing Joe’s disastrous and hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan was a literal gift to the CCP. Besides the strategic geolocation of Afghanistan vis a vis China, the gift of Bagram Airbase and over $80 billion of US military technology to the Taliban and CCP is a stunning betrayal of our military. This gift to our enemies will degrade many of the technology advantages our military maintains on the battlefield. And China now has access to massive rare earth mineral resources in Afghanistan turning the CCP into the new OPEC for electric cars. I’d be remiss if I did not add the impact of this international disgrace and humiliation suffered by the US in the eyes of the international community—it was substantial and has impacted our ability to lead in the eyes of our allies and enemies. This has emboldened the CCP’s designs on invading Taiwan.

Finally, but not exhaustively, the CCP continues to undermine US sovereignty as they team up with the Mexican drug cartels by providing them with the essential pharmaceutical ingredients to manufacture the most deadly narcotic known to man, fentanyl. Once the cartels have produced the fentanyl (in all forms to include lacing Skittles, Ritalin, and popular anti-depressants), it’s trafficked over our southern border by the truckload on a daily basis and spread all over the US. The impact has been significant—102,000 Americans died of fentanyl overdoses from February 2021 to February 2022. You combine this death toll with the literal invasion that Beijing Joe has authorized—we literally don’t have a southern border—and we have an unprecedented assault on the integrity and sovereignty of our republic. Beijing Joe not only has been derelict in his duties to uphold our borders, his pronouncements have literally encouraged the continuation of this invasion of drugs and illegals.

Russia and Ukraine: a discussion of the larger Demofascist Party’s obsession with Russia must come first before detailing the Biden Administration’s coddling of Russia. The obsession was begun by Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign as a way to deflect attention away from her classified email scandal, and grew into an attempted Color Revolution to prevent and then remove candidate and then President Trump from office by accusing him of being an agent of Russia. Trump as Russian agent became a literal article of religious faith for the Demofascists (and still is despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary from the Twitter files and recent FBI arrest of their former Chief, Counter Intelligence unit in NYC). The details of the impact of this now seven-year mass psychosis of the Demofascist Party is well beyond the scope of this article, but I encourage you to read Lee Smith’s excellent book The Plot Against the President to get excellent insight into the Russia Hoax.

The Demofascist Party’s mass psychosis concerning Russia is having extremely dangerous impacts on our foreign policy. The Biden Administration has labeled Russia Enemy #1, and this was clear before the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. During the Trump Administration, Russian adventurism was neutered in part because of our robust energy exploration and export policies which made the US energy independent for the first time in over 50 years. This had the axiomatic impact of driving the price for Russian oil and gas down significantly on the world market. This diminished their cash reserves that Russia needs to muster to fund military adventurism i.e., they can’t afford to invade their neighbors when the price of oil and gas is low. By stalling and ending robust domestic oil and gas exploration and production, Biden completely reversed this and made the US energy dependent again. This drove up the price of oil and gas on world markets, and Vladimir Putin was now cash rich from Russia’s oil and gas exports.

Because of the above, the Russians had the means to invade, and again, our disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan became a provocative invite. The Biden Administration then gave them the motive: constantly agitating about Ukraine joining NATO. Given that we had put Russia in a box with our energy independence, there was zero need to continue to provoke them about Ukraine. Adding Ukraine to NATO provided the US with negligible additional security. The Biden Administration purposely provoked Russia with the Ukraine NATO threat.

The coup de gras was Biden’s incredibly weak pronouncements before the Russian invasion: he said Russia “will move into Ukraine” and expressed confusion on how he’d respond to a “minor incursion.” It’s hard to construct a more welcoming tone by a US President to an invasion of an ally. Now cross this vector with how the US has responded—sending over $100 billion in military aid with little or no accountability, engaging and encouraging Russian nuclear saber-rattling, and NEVER advancing any serious leadership towards deescalation. Benedict Biden has allowed Ukrainian President Zelensky to mouth off at will and make “Putin’s removal” a necessary condition for peace talks. Though Biden has portrayed Ukraine as a paragon of democracy, it has a very troubling history of supporting Nazism (beyond the scope of this article, but very serious—see here for a troubling, but excellent expose’ on this),

As the US began providing massive amounts of military support and intelligence information to Ukraine’s war effort, the Russians naturally began using threats of reducing or cutting off their natural gas exports to Western European nations (as President Trump had warned Germany in 2018 about their dangerous dependency on Russian natural gas). So what does Benedict Biden do: at the very least, he was cognizant of, if not actually approved and executed the bombing of Russia’s Nord Stream 1 and 2 natural gas pipelines in September 2022—this was an act of war in anyone’s book.

Ladies and gentleman, the mass psychosis animating the Demofascist Party’s obsession—which resulted in an internal color revolution in the US they started and executed—is driving us into a conflict with a nuclear-armed Russia. And Benedict Biden is leading the way. There appears to be no significant political opposition among Republican leadership in Congress to this, though we haven’t seen the new House Republican majority weigh in yet. To his credit, President Trump is continuing to make level-headed pronouncements about pursuing deescalation and peace talks (as has foreign policy dean emeritus Henry Kissinger recently suggested).

It’s highly likely that the Russians have blackmail material on the BCF from their dealings in Russia and Ukraine. Recall that Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million payment from the wife of the mayor of Moscow in 2014. As far as Ukraine’s hold on the Biden Crime Family, there’s no better source than the outstanding reporting of John Solomon. His reporting shows that the impeachment of President Trump in December 2019 for his phone call to Ukrainian President Zelensky was really a maneuver to protect the BCF’s corruption in Ukraine. And lest we forget that the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop during that impeachment i.e., they had information that if fully exposed, would have exonerated Trump’s actions on the phone call to Zelensky. So Benedict Biden’s payola to Ukraine is unlimited military/cash assistance with no oversight/accountability.

These are indeed high crimes that have been committed by Benedict Biden. Though he now has less than two years in his term, he must be impeached and removed from office forthwith to protect our republic.

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