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Jake McLean here.

The Wyn2kster uses Jake McLean as a pen alias.  

Jake McLean is an observer, writer, and political cartoonist living in the DC metro area (aka, the Swamp).  He's spent the past 40 years working in and out of government supporting the United States' national security missions.  In that period, he served as an officer in the Unites States Air Force, a Vice President of two companies leading technology research and development, and a member of the Central Intelligence Ageny's (CIA) Senior Intelligence Service where he led technology development and operations in multiple intelligence domains.  The CIA awarded him their Career Intelligence Medal upon his retirement.

Jake's a huge fan of our Constitution, believes our federated, representative republic is indeed "the last best hope of man on earth", and holds with contempt the purveyors of socialism/communism/fascism/wokism as well as their attempted destruction of our Bill of Rights.

What you need 2 Know (WYN2K) is designed to provide interested readers with timely, concise, and supportable information on the issues impacting our republic and your daily lives.  My political cartoons are "take-no-prisoners" view of our passing political scene. No surprise to anyone who's viewed them--I am a novice cartoonist and working on my craft.

Thanks for visiting my site--I hope you'll return often.  JM

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